See this rock? It’s one of the thousands I walked by during my time in Colorado last month. They call that area the Rocky Mountains for a reason—lots and lots of rocks, as I shared in some of my Instagram images a couple of weeks ago. Today, however, I want to ponder this rock in particular—and invite you to join me in a rocky meditation.

This rock stood out for me in part because of its color. That pink is natural; I didn’t alter the coloring on this photograph. It also appears to encompass an entire scene within its rounded frame. Before reading onward, take a moment to sit in stillness and notice what you see, and what comes arises in your mind and heart.

Our minds naturally lean toward creativity, but we can get into ruts and lose touch with our creative side. Especially as working adults, we come to hold preconceived expectations about many things—which, I fear, closes off our minds to the unexpected. When’s the last time you looked up at clouds in the sky and imagined what creatures you saw there? When did you last look at a burned-out piece of wood and discover a sharp beak? When did you last draw, or paint, or pick up a piece of clay and let your fingers discover what was hidden deep within? What would it be like to take the time to foster your own creativity—perhaps on a regular basis?

Being a poet as well as photographer, here’s what I saw on the surface of this rock, and what came to mind for me, in poetic form:

Seal lounges

above frothy seas,

eyes closed,

pondering luscious fish.

Waves writhe

around ample pink bosoms,

constantly crashing,

obeying lunar call.

I invite you to share your own meditation, about this rock or another, or about faces in clouds or wood or elsewhere, in the comments below.

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