Would you like a companion on the spiritual journey or support along the way? Would you like to explore spiritual topics more deeply or learn how to recognize the Spirit in the midst of everyday moments?

What is Spiritual Guidance?

When two people meet together for “Spiritual Direction” or Spiritual Guidance, talking about one person’s life and its relationship to God and the Spirit, you might presume that the other person is the Director.

I believe that’s not the case. God is the Director. As a Spiritual Companion or Guide, my role is to listen for the voice of the real Director. As a peer of mine has said, “I listen to God on your behalf.” I listen to your story, your journey. I might ask questions, suggest spiritual practices, challenge you, encourage you, and sometimes make a nuisance of myself through the practice of tough love.

Are you interested in such a relationship? When you meet with me you might cry or you might laugh, but you’ll always be heard, and honored, no matter what you believe, where your journey has taken you, or what you might be facing. My goal for our time together is that you might grow in your spiritual life, however that happens. I do my best to hold no agenda beyond giving you a safe and sacred space in which to explore more deeply your relationship with God.

Some form of spiritual guidance exists in all religious traditions. We have been called Gurus and Masters, Abbas and Ammas, Soul Friends and Mentors. In Christianity, the tradition reaches back to the Desert Fathers and Mothers in fourth-century Egypt. The format of the relationship has changed over the centuries, but not the essence. It’s still, and always, about enriching our spiritual lives.

My Ministry of Spiritual Guidance

I’ve been doing this ministry of Spiritual Companionship for over twenty-five years. I consider it to be the foundation for all my other spiritual work. I have a Certificate in Spiritual Guidance from the Shalem Institute in Washington, DC, and I am a member of Spiritual Directors International. I have also served on the faculty of the Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction since 2017 and on their leadership team since 2021. 

I hold Spiritual Guidance sessions in person, on the phone, via email, and through Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. Sometimes a few sessions are all that’s needed to address a particular issue. Others feel that they need a spiritual companion during a particular season of change or challenge in their lives, or as an ongoing part of their spiritual formation.

If this sounds intriguing, or exciting, or scary, to you, then let’s talk.

I’m happy to explain more and offer an introductory session of Spiritual Guidance free of charge.

To learn more, contact me at shirin@shirinmcarthur.com.

“Shirin McArthur has a God-given gift of presence and openness. Through years of prayerful attention to the holy and availability to people, she has become a contemplative spiritual guide of rare skill and compassion. When you are with her, she is with you fully. She listens with a ready and hospitable heart, refraining from judgmentalism. Shirin seeks only to help you become more deeply grounded, aware, and engaged in your life. Time spent in Shirin McArthur’s company is both sacred and good-humored. She is a compassionate confidante, an insightful observer, and a wise companion to spiritual seekers.”

Rev. Rachel Srubas, Pastor, Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church

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