Last week, I pondered peace at a friend and follower’s request. This week, I’m continuing the theme—in a sense. I’m doing this because, on one of my very early morning walks, I passed the nest with dangling feathers on the left in the collage above. It got me thinking of the hope that’s involved with building a nest and nurturing the next generation.

Hope isn’t the same as peace, but they are related. Anytime we plant a seed, choose to birth something new, or nurture a tiny and vulnerable creature, we are investing in the future. We make that investment because, at some level, we have enough hope to do so. We wouldn’t work for a future we didn’t believe was possible.

There are a lot of dystopian novels out there these days (and I’ve read some of them) that would seemingly challenge our hope for the future. Yet those books wouldn’t be written if the authors didn’t have hope, at some level, that a certain amount of peace was possible, beyond the death and destruction they tend to center in their books. The present may look bleak, but those authors are focused on finding some hope in future possibilities.

We can do the same. Peace may seem elusive, even on the best of days, but we can live in hope while we find ways to work toward peace. We can build safe places to birth and nurture the young. (If we’re too old to take an active part, we can support younger generations in doing so.) We can write about where we see hope in the midst of challenges. We can bear witness to a painful past and encourage and support those around us who are working to craft a more peaceful future.

What are you called to do in support of those who are building safe places for the future and planting seeds of hope?

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