As some of you may know (especially if you’ve followed this blog for a while), I had a large and thriving vegetable (and fruit!) garden when we lived in New Mexico. It’s been more than two years since we moved to Arizona and, for a variety of reasons, I had not planted a single seed—until February 4. Over time, we purchased garden soil, installed some raised-bed frames, expanded the drip system, and finally, two weeks ago, I decided it was time to actually plant some seeds.

It was not a logical, researched decision. I purchased a book on growing vegetables in Arizona, but I didn’t consult it. I have listened to casual conversations about the growing seasons here in the Sonoran Desert (which are much different from Silver City!) and I did at least look at the long-range forecast to get a sense of whether or not there will be another frost (the chances of frost are very low). Instead, somehow, the urge to plant was internal—perhaps more spiritual. It was finally time.

I think, in part, it was time to put down another layer of roots in this desert. This is home, and I am now ready. It may also be aligned with the work I am doing at my computer, putting the finishing touches on both my website and an “evergreen” edition of the online retreat I first launched in Advent. Called “The Incarnation of Jesus through the Eyes of Others,” it will be the first of a series of online retreats that are available anytime. Perhaps it is my years of work bearing fruit on this electronic stage that is finally also leading me to be ready again to cultivate literal fruit.

bokchoybabies2So far, of course, there’s not much to show for two weeks of seeds being in the ground. In this photo, the only way to tell what’s new growth and not fallen tiny palo verde leaves is the clustering of the leaves on the tiny new bok choy plants. That will change over the weeks to come—God willing. I will learn what can thrive this “late” in the season and what should actually be planted in the fall instead. I will also learn if I planted tomato seeds too early…it’s hard to tell, as our winter weather has been hotter than normal until a few days ago.

Only time will tell if that internal nudge was correct in terms of the “right” time to sow seeds—both in the ground and on the Internet. God is in charge, and I’m doing my best to listen.

What seeds are you waiting to sow? Where are you watching for growth?

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