Are you seeking an experienced retreat leader to craft a customized spiritual retreat for your organization?

I have been leading spiritual retreats since the early 1990s. I develop and lead both simple quiet days in church halls and multi-day events in retreat-center settings. I have worked with multiple Christian denominations and maintain a strong ecumenical and interfaith perspective while remaining grounded in my Episcopal tradition.

I have crafted customized spiritual retreat experiences for:

  • churches
  • church leaders
  • small groups
  • seminaries
  • clergy and clergy spouses
  • dioceses
  • various nonprofit organizations

I bring a variety of tools to the creation of spiritual retreats. In addition to a seminary education and a strong grounding in sacred scripture, I am a liturgical dancer, photographer, and artist. I bring those multi-sensory elements into the retreats I design and lead. I can address the topic or theme you have in mind, or provide you with several retreat topics to choose from. I have led retreats based on liturgical seasons, particular topics such as suffering or celebration, scripturally based subjects, Embodied Prayer (below), and themes that focus on particular aspects of the spiritual life.

If you’re interested in my leading a retreat for your group or organization, let’s start with a conversation. EMAIL ME to learn more and I’ll be in touch with you to arrange a phone conversation.

“Your retreat was the most meaningful of my life. Your ‘fleshing out’ of Jesus’ birth story made me hear it in a different way and I have been thinking of it ever since—as a new story, not the one I have heard over and over and is now background noise. Thank you so much.”

Beth Brouillette

As noted above, I am a liturgical dancer. Over the years, I have developed an experience I call Embodied Prayer.


It is an opportunity to:

  • Connect with our bodies as instruments of prayer
  • Worship with our bodies instead of words
  • Open ourselves to the Spirit who resides within and beyond our bodies
  • Move beyond our traditions and assumptions about prayer
  • Connect with scripture and pray with others in new ways
  • Open ourselves to something new…and have fun!

I have found that there is a child within me who is begging to move beyond and beneath words, to “speak to” and play with God in a physical way. There are also within me a self-conscious teenager and an adult who need to return again and again to that body-Spirit connection. I invite you to join me on this journey.

Embodied Prayer can be customized to meet your needs:

  • a 60 to 90 minute introductory workshop
  • a Quiet Day or Retreat Day
  • a weekend or multi-day retreat experience
  • whatever is needed for your group, church, or community


Embodied Prayer is for everyone

All ages are welcome and no training or prior experience is required. Any body can participate—even those who need to remain seated!

Contact me to learn more about Embodied Prayer.

“Thank you. You have opened my mind and spirit to possibilities and an awareness of my body I’ve lacked for a long time.”

“This was totally awesome. It really spoke to my heart. I felt especially involved in those movements that were stories, giving us the opportunity to act and dance with emotion.”

“Fantastic! Felt so good to get out of my head and heart and into my body.”

“Powerful, beautiful, flowing, prayerful and life-giving. Amazing!”

“I really didn’t want to do this, and yet found it really wonderful.”

“Thank you for gently challenging me to experience yet another form of prayer.”

“Prayer without words! Cool!!”

“She is a wonderfully calming and loving guide. No feeling of threatening atmosphere or expectations other than one’s own.”

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