As I’ve stated here before, it’s a great privilege to read what I edit. Sometimes, what I edit also dovetails with the spiritual and cultural work I try to do and the way I seek to live. In this post, I want to celebrate the publication tomorrow of a book by Felicia Murrell that I was fortunate to edit: And: The Restorative Power of Love in an Either/Or World.

Felicia and I first met through the articles and poetry she submitted to (and I edited for) the CAC’s journal Oneing over the years. She is also an editor, so we both understand the truth that every editor needs an editor when we write! When her book manuscript was ready for a fresh set of eyes, she reached out to ask if I’d be willing to edit it—and I was honored to do so.

I also need to state that the process of editing the work of a Black woman has been an eye-opening experience for me. Felicia and I discussed the meaning and use of many words and ideas in Black culture. I was—and am—grateful for her graciousness as I continue to learn how to disentangle my mind, heart, and soul from so many White assumptions.

And is a marvelous compilation of deep, poetic reflections on Felicia’s experiences of faith, racism, motherhood, friendship, truth-telling, and a host of additional relevant topics. Her ability to distill wisdom into single powerful sentences amazes me. Consider these few examples:

Misinformed outrage at peaceful resistance destroys the bridge of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Religion may have been ripped from me, leaving an open, festering wound, but no one and no thing can ever upend the anchor that is the experiential love of God.

Consequences are masterful at teaching any life lessons that need to be taught when we don’t rush in to save, fix, or rescue.

The freedom I value so much for myself is only as beautiful as the freedom I choose to extend to another.

May the fulfillment of quiet longings, desired places to see and behold, remind you that you don’t have to make a trade. You can make a culmination.

Love will play the song for you in your key.

Each of these, and so many more, seem to me perfect for Lenten devotions (Remember, Lent is just two days away!), for Lectio Divina, and for pondering with others through group discussion or sharing on social media. Felicia has gifted us all with many years’ worth of wisdom, distilled for savoring—in, with, and through the Divine Love in which every meditation is rooted.

Who has taught you new things about Love recently, and how did they do it?

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