New Year greetings, friends! I pray that the year ahead will bring you many blessings. I’m also praying about what you would like me to ponder on this blog this year, and I welcome your input.

Some planning is already in the works. I think I’ve got a Lenten theme to ponder, though I’m always open to the Spirit turning things upside down with a new idea. I’ll also celebrate one client’s book launch in February and hope that a couple of other books I’ve worked on will be published in the year ahead.

Next week, I’ll focus on the theme of John the Baptist in the wilderness and connect it with a recent personal wilderness experience. The week after, I plan to reflect on the concept of prophecy—again, unless the Spirit or life events give me something else.

So, what would you like me to ponder “out loud” here in 2024? Are there personal or social issues that you’d like to read my take on? Have you read something from another spiritual leader, and you wonder what I’d have to say about it (as I did recently with my Advent series)? Are you facing a big decision or grieving a loss, and you’re curious about how I would respond to the situation if I was sitting there beside you?

Perhaps instead you’d like to let me know what you’ve valued most in what I have shared in the past. As you think of my blog, what posts or topics spring to mind? What have you most appreciated—or not cared for because I went in a direction you didn’t like or couldn’t handle? Have any of my posts been particularly impactful on your faith journey?

As I ponder the year ahead, I look forward to seeing what unfolds. I do my best to be open to whatever comes—even realizing that it could include challenging global news and personal grief. As I tell those who come to me for spiritual guidance, everything is fodder for prayer and pondering in the spiritual life.

Can you join me in welcoming whatever lies ahead in the coming year—with an open heart?

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