No matter where you are on the political spectrum, these are challenging times. Whether you’re mourning the death of a pivotal legal pioneer in Ruth Bader Ginsburg or wondering whether you will be able to safely vote and have your ballot counted, there is a lot of change, chaos, and uncertainty in America these days. I recall the proverbial Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. We are; no doubt about it.

So how do we respond? I think this is a key question, especially for faithful Christians (and anyone intending to live an authentic spiritual life). The future is uncertain. We have no idea what will happen in the days ahead.

Of course, we never have an idea of what will happen in the days ahead. It’s an illusion to believe we do. I know someone who has been faithful to caring for his wife through months of metastatic cancer treatments—and suddenly he has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer himself. (Please feel free to join me in prayer for their family and community—and the church where he’s a pastor.)

So, what firm ground can we stand on in the midst of such uncertainty? For me, Christ is the solid rock. Jesus assures us we can endure anything if our faith is built on a firm foundation. God is that firm foundation. This doesn’t mean life will be easy. It doesn’t mean there won’t be seasons of chaos, confusion, and grief. It does mean that, with Christ alongside us and the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, we can survive even this…and even this…and even this….

How we respond to chaos and uncertainty is inextricably linked with where we place our trust. All of life is bound to change. Even our closest friends and loved ones will wither like the grass. Even mother Earth is constantly changing. Only God is everlasting.

Where are you placing your trust?

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