How are you holding up in the face of continuing news of the rapid spread of the coronavirus across every nation around the world? Are you fearful and despairing, or frustrated and angry? Do you feel isolated and uncertain? You are certainly not alone. While we may be practicing social distancing, we are in this together. We are learning, at ever-deeper levels, how we are, indeed, one global community.

We can pray for each other, support each other, look out for each other. We can also seek out bright spots each day that help us embrace the resilience we need to face yet more troubling news. I’ve been intentionally sharing images of new growth on Instagram, in order to support all those who need to sense some hope in their lives or find bright spots in challenging days.

One bright spot for me was a hike with a friend this past week. We went to a place called Sanctuary Cove, to the west of Tucson. It was a bright spot literally, as well as figuratively, because much of the land was filled with wildflowers. The gift of spring was on full display, reminding us of nature’s resilience and embrace of the future.

Flowers are an especially strong way that nature expresses hope. Blossoms literally embody the process for seeding another generation. Flowers have hope built into their DNA. No matter where they land and take root, flowering plants will find a way to bloom.

We can mimic such resilience when fear comes calling or frustration and helplessness loom large. Nature shows us the way. As I continue my Lenten discipline of writing poetry, my heart was drawn toward the outdoors this week. We had a welcome rainstorm, which helped draw my attention away from fearmongering and toward nature’s resilience. Here are a few haikus about shifting perspectives (and I’ll share wildflower photos—and busy bees, another hopeful sign—on Instagram this coming week).

Crocodile clouds

Obscure sapphire skies

Water will arrive

Elephant’s puddle

Ant’s ocean

Drops’ oneness

Grounded rainbows

Spines pierce sky

Spring upheaval

Where and how are you finding hope in these days? How can you share your resilience with others?

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