I’ve spent a lot of the past week grieving, and it has surprised me. I didn’t expect this. After six months of supporting and encouraging our Venezuelan friend through her time in detention, she’s now free, and gone to live with family in the southeastern US. As a result, there’s a big hole in our Saturday schedule, and in my heart. I’d become accustomed to visits with her. I looked forward to them, despite the grim circumstances, because of the joy we brought to her face by our presence. Our relationship helped to sustain her during her detention, and it brought us many gifts as well.

Now she has moved on, and we will too—and it’s important to acknowledge the grief when relationships change.

Today is Trinity Sunday. Today, Henry and I celebrate our liturgical anniversary: We were married on Trinity Sunday, 25 years ago. The actual date was a few weeks ago, and we celebrated that, too. Today I’m celebrating by preaching a sermon, about Trinity Sunday and Father’s Day, at the Desert House of Prayer, a retreat center here in Tucson. For the content, I’ve expanded upon a Trinity sermon I preached back in 2015, but the focus remains the same: relationship.

One of the things I’ll talk about today is how God has called Henry into the role of father over the course of his life. He’s a biological father, a priestly father, and was a spiritual stepfather to our friend during her time at Eloy. Over the years, those roles have also changed. His children have grown and now have children of their own. He has “fathered” countless people for a few hours, days, or months, through various