At long last, my new website is live! Please peruse it here.

Those of you who have read my blog posts for a while know that this has been quite a journey. I know for a fact that it took almost two years for this process to unfold. I know this because I held onto an email from a website designer with whom I’d had a conversation about designing my website. She hadn’t been able to work with me, but (because we both belonged to Writer Gals) she was interested in seeing the final product. A few days ago I finally replied to her with the link to the new site. That original email was dated July 2016—so yes, it’s been a long road!

Sometimes it can be pretty darn difficult to see the destination when we’re in the midst of a journey. We can’t see the forest for the trees. We experience detours and delays and mistakes—aka learning opportunities. We wonder if all the work will be worth it. We fear we can’t handle the new technologies, new processes, new perspectives. I’ve experienced all this and more. Yet, somehow, I kept trusting, kept moving forward—sometimes terribly slowly.

This is the end of a journey—but it is also a beginning. Now that the website is live, an entirely new and different process begins. I have new habits to develop in terms of website care (as well as new bills to pay to keep it up and running!). I have a new email address to check regularly. I have new ministries to offer that will need my care and attention.

I find myself thinking that Jesus’ disciples might well have felt some of this when he suddenly appeared in the locked room on Easter evening. He turned their world upside down yet again. They had just begun getting used to the end of the journey of discipleship. They were realizing they wouldn’t be following him around anymore. Now, suddenly, they are confronted with the reality that he is very much alive and physically present with them—but he also makes it clear that they’re not going back to life as it used to be.

Instead, Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit on them, anointing them into a new beginning. He sends them out to do what he was doing. It is a new journey. They will have new tools and new responsibilities. New pathways beckon.

Have you experienced moments like this? What changes are unfolding in your life? What new journeys await your willing participation?

Thank you for joining me in my new beginning here!

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