My new website could have had its “big reveal” today—but I’m not ready, and it’s not either. My website team has done most of their work but there are still lots of tweaks to be done, so I’m glad they’ve agreed to let me have this “beta testing” time to make everything as close to perfect as I’d like it to be.

Perfection is the goal of editors. Finding all the little things that aren’t perfect and fixing them is part of our job description. Not succeeding in that on a regular basis could get us fired, or not hired the next time. It’s a pretty significant part of our perspective, our viewpoint, as a result.

This has its downside, naturally. We’re not perfect, and when we don’t succeed in being perfect, this is hard on us. When we let that show, it can be hard on those around us, too. I’ve owed some apologies this week. I’ve also been sick, which hasn’t helped. I’m glad for this reprieve because, on multiple levels, I’m not ready for showtime.

Today is Palm Sunday, and so I woke a couple of days ago wondering if Jesus sometimes felt that way too. Was he ready for his “big reveal”: parading into Jerusalem, his nation’s capitol, as the focus of a large procession of cheering people? He was used to being the center of attention in smaller groups, but was he ready for “the whole city” to be focused on him? Did he wonder, in the back of his mind, if he could handle whatever came next—not just the cheering crowds, but also the increased exposure to those who hated his success as well as those who claimed to love him?

I admit that I’m wondering if I’m ready for whatever comes next. I’ve read for years that a website is central to the success of any business in this day and age, yet I’ve managed to survive—even thrive—on mostly word of mouth. I have no idea what this broader exposure, this bigger platform, will mean for my work and my ministry. Will it mean glowing success, more work than I can handle, and/or even an increased exposure to the “bad guys” out there who might want to hack my systems or harm my reputation?

I have no idea. I am pressing forward in faith, one step at a time…just as I imagine Jesus did.

Welcome to Holy Week. Are you ready for Jesus’ big reveal…and all that will follow in the days ahead?

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