I had a dream this week that seems to speak to perseverance in the face of threat. In the dream, explosives were being prepared in one area of a building, while a young ceramic artist had been invited to show and sell her wares in another part of the building. Naturally, that juxtaposition caught my attention. As I’m preparing to put myself further “out there” with this website, I wonder if this pre-teen child is some part of myself, preparing to display my fragile spiritual wares, putting them out into the world in new ways, even in the midst of a time when society seems focused on self-destruction.

I wonder if Jesus’ disciples felt that way. He taught and healed openly, even when the religious leaders challenged his authority and conspired with political leaders to destroy him. Did they feel the situation was untenable—that it might explode at any time?

DSC_0544 ecropI sometimes wonder if what I have to offer is relevant in such troubled times, both in the US and around the world. Yet, in prayer, I come to realize, over and over, that we must return to our roots. We must be grounded in our faith, in our hope in the God of Love, both so that we are not swept up into self-destruction and so that we might, perhaps, help a few others to find a hopeful, nonviolent path.

This is not, by definition, a safe or easy path. Shrapnel has no respect for conscience, nor political perspectives. Yet the child in my dream persevered, and found joy in the sales she made, celebrating with her parents and focusing on that joy. As Jesus taught, she focused on today, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

I pray that my offerings may bring joy and light in challenging times. Even if my ministry may not seem to directly impact an explosive social and political situation, I am trusting that my calling will bring hope in the darkness, one loving offering at a time.

How are you called to offer love and light in these challenging times?

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