img_0645My hiking buddy and I came upon this tree during a recent hike, and it caught my attention because of the fact that the tree’s roots had split the rocks beneath them. So often we believe that those things which surround us—our circumstances, our experiences, our resources—are impervious to our presence. Yet nothing is further from the truth.

I still remember the profound feeling of awe that filled me when, as a teen, I truly understood that the Grand Canyon in Arizona had been carved literally over a mile deep by the simple, but relentless, action of water. Over time, yes. Over centuries, in fact. Over those centuries, the Colorado River carved such a deep crevasse through the stunningly colored rocks of the Colorado Plateau that the result is considered one of the major wonders of the natural world, and receives over four million visitors per year.

Perseverance is the key to many such treasures, both natural and human-made. The work that we have to offer the world comes to fruition not because of our desire, but because of our perseverance. It is because we keep doing what we feel called to do, no matter the strength of the obstacles that appear to be blocking our way, that we can crack rocks and wear away mountains.

What is the God-given (or God-driven) desire at this time in your life? How are you called to persevere in the face of obstacles? Where have you seen rocks crack or crumble along the journey?

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