dsc_7032In the US today we all got the opportunity to sleep in a bit, as daylight savings time ended at 2 am. The weather is cooling off and the days are shorter. Those who live where the leaves change color have experienced, in many places, a spectacular season (this photo is from my trip to New England a few weeks ago). I’m amazed that we haven’t yet had a freeze here, although there were warnings of such a couple of weeks ago. My tomatoes continue to ripen, and the trombocino squash plant is still producing.

Around town, the ghosts, goblins, princesses and spider men have shed their Halloween costumes and are indulging in their candy. And, of course, the holiday bazaar season is already underway. Two churches in town held their bazaars yesterday. From here on out, until the end of the year, much of our culture will be focused on “the holidays.” Shopping for gifts, gathering with family, and eating more than we need will occupy much of our time in the weeks ahead.

What do these changing seasons mean to you? Are you focused on nature, shopping, or cultural events? Or perhaps on the elections occurring Tuesday across our nation? I had to take a picture of this election sign because I just couldn’t imagine that there was much competition for this particular job!

dsc_7035-cropAs the “holiday season” gains momentum, and activities multiply, I invite you to take some time to slow down, to remember the many spiritual gifts hidden in this time. I ask you now, so you have time to reflect before you’re overwhelmed: How will you connect with God during “the holidays”?

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