The next few days will be focused on food for those of us living in the US, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this coming Thursday. While an increasing number of retail stores are trying to capture some of the Thanksgiving attention (and dollars), for most Americans Thanksgiving remains a chance to gather with family, eat more food than is good for us, and enjoy some football, either on the television or the backyard lawn.

cornThe first American Thanksgiving was literally what it sounds like: giving thanks. In their case, it was giving thanks that they had survived their first year in the new world (only half of them did), and that their first corn harvest was successful. With this in mind, I pose the question: when was the last time that you gave thanks as you consumed a meal?

As you purchase, prepare and consume your Thanksgiving feast, or any meal in this week, I invite you to approach it with thanksgiving. Take time to relish the aromas, savor the flavors, feel the textures on your tongue, sense the food as it slides down your throat, and notice when your body says that you have had enough to eat. If you have young children at the table, make a bit of a game out of it, expressing what you’re sensing and voicing your thanks out loud.

peppersAfter all, this entire abundant creation would not be possible without an abundant Creator who asks simply for our thankfulness and love in return.

How else might you taste and see the goodness of God this week?

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