I recently overheard someone reading a joke from Argus Hamilton about how the vast majority of Congress members tweet, and that this was the reason nothing was getting done in Washington. I laughed—and then my mind began expanding on that idea….

You see, we are bombarded with words in our world today. It seems that everyone has something to say, whether via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, books, magazines, articles online…the list truly is endless. There are so many bloggers out there that I sometimes wonder how any of us find time to read, to listen, when we’re so busy writing.

And that’s the problem. It sometimes feels like we’ve lost the ability to truly listen. Yes, Congress members are using Twitter to “connect with constituents, provide updates on legislation, comment on big news stories and even share photos of their daily goings-on.” But that method of using Twitter is a one-way street; there’s no real conversation. And perhaps there’s a connection between that emphasis on “getting the word out” and the fact that it appears there’s very little real, substantive dialogue happening in Washington right now.

At least with a blog there’s an opportunity for readers to leave a comment, to start a conversation.hand cupping ear to listen

When’s the last time that you really listened for God? Do your prayers have pauses for silence, or do you fill up all the time with your own words?

How have you heard God in your life? Through the voices of others, or the sound of the surf at the seashore?

How does God get through to you? Has it been a while? What might you do to open yourself up to listening for the voice of God?

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