fieldLast summer we were driving on the interstate south of Flagstaff, Arizona, and came across this carpet of wildflowers.  In the desert, wildflowers bloom only when there is sufficient, regular rainfall, so this was a rare, and spectacular, occurrence.

The summer rain we’ve had in Silver City this year is the most this area has had in at least 3 years. Many seeds (including, unfortunately, ragweed!) have waited for years, biding their time, for this blooming season. There are lots of wildflowers blooming here now, with different ones appearing each week. As I admire the varied colors and shapes, and sneeze, I find myself wondering…what within me is wanting, or waiting, to bloom? What within me needs water in order to bloom–and what type of “water” does it need?

Saturday afternoon I gave a presentation on Hildegard of Bingen to a group of women. Hildegard was a medieval prophetess, mystic, composer, healer, environmentalist…the list of her many accomplishments goes on, and on. I wonder where she found the “water” she needed to bloom, in a time and place that didn’t provide much “water” to women. She blossomed anyway, and we are still gathering her seeds today. And so I pray to be inspired–even watered–by her example.

What within you is waiting to bloom?

What is your “water”?

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